Breakthrough Breaks

Relax and unwind in the Mediterranean

A unique opportunity for you, your group or organisation to enjoy a life-transforming experience in the relaxing surroundings of the Mediterranean. Learn how to make positive changes personally, professionally or in sports or athletics. Offering a custom programme based on cutting-edge insights and techniques from NLP, EFT and positive psychology.

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Byron Living Arts, Australia

Health and Martial Arts Retreat

Byron Living Arts is located in beautiful Byron Bay Australia, where health, vitality and well-being are an integral part of the regional lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing a broad range of products, activities, training programs and retreats specializing in health, martial arts, meditation and creative expression.

Byron Living Tao Health & Martial Arts Centre was established in 1986 by Shirsha Marie, Director and Senior Instructor. Located in the heart of Byron Bay, this thriving Martial Arts Centre offers training in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Hapkido. Shirsha’s vision is to provide a training environment that supports the cultivation of physical energy with a loving heart and a clear and peaceful mind. Byron Living Tao incorporates Eastern traditions of martial arts, meditation and healing for the cultivation of the individual and the development and growth of humanity.

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Holm Garden, Borneo

Martial arts, health and wellness centre

Holm Garden martial arts, health and wellness centre is an unspoilt rainforest hideaway with exotic views of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South-East Asia, North Borneo. It is conveniently located near Kota Kinabalu town, yet secluded enough for you to get away from it all. Kota Kinabalu is home to some of Asia’s best tropical beaches, lush forests and nature parks. Choose to stay simply for a peaceful retreat or to train in Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong.

Holm Garden is a small holiday retreat in Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of Sabah, North Borneo, designed to accommodate a maximum of eight guests. It is a place where one can escape the pressures of modern life, relax, and study Shaolin Kung Fu, self-defence techniques, Qi Gong meditation, yoga and pilates in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

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The Hill That Breathes, Italy

Fabulous Holistic Holidays
Based: Italy

Why The Hill That Breathes?

A programme of fabulous weeks, including: yoga; shamanism; breathwork and rebirthing; famous masters… Then there’s the food. And the position: a 100 acre wooded hill with Italian farmhouse, panoramic pool and close to the renaissance hill-town of Urbino.

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Tai Chi Chuan, Thailand

What we teach

8-day 40 hours Introductory Training Program in The Essential Postures of Tai Chi Chuan. The Primary focus of the class is to learn the fundamentals of posture, stance and movement.  Root the feet in order to issue energy.

Learning the fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan includes the eight basic movements found in all Tai Chi sequences, corresponding to the Eight Trigrams of the I-Ching, and developing an understanding of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, or the five basic ways energy manifests in movement. We must first train the mind and body to be responsive to the will. This is done through sitting and standing still meditation. The mind must be focused and concentrated in one direction in order to lead the chi through the body.

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