Tuesday, 17 January 2012
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I was doing research to find out what benefits had already been established for children in Martial Arts (and I mean any Martial Arts by this umbrella term).

What I found was that there are alot of Martial Artists who believe children should not train as it can negative effects on their social development, which I had till then thought would actually be quite different depending ont he instructor. Some also made it clear that kids could not grasp any of the theory and it was better left till older, and though I dont myself am not fond of children with black belts, I had thought this strange.
The second school of instrucotrs seemed all too happy and would love have more children, starting them as young as 3 years old.

Has anyone encountered any differeint??
more than a month ago
I have been in Martial arts since I was 6 and the success of a child in any form of education comes down to the support of the family. The Teacher does have to be good at communicating with kids and have a well structured class. But I know without my dad's invovlment and encouragement to train outside of that class environment I would not have achieved as highly as I have. So in short if you want value for money for kid's classes ask instructors what my child can be doing outside of class to improve. Through the physical practise the seeds of are planted for the thoery to grow but this is a long term goal.
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