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Claw Hand

My first 'blog' ever - I feel kinda dirty, like about to start living more on here than in the real world.

Still, I expect I'll survive it and it's unlikely I'll lose any MORE time to the computer - games/youtube/work/email seem to take up enough as it is.

Well this is just a horrible post to type as I'm using only one hand - the other hand is dripping in voltaren and freezing to death in a pile of frozen peas.

That hand, well, it's more of a claw now (actual claw hand may differ from that shown).....had a bit if a run-in with someones fist at karate tonight. For the record kiddies, the open palm early-launch swat with splayed fingers....not the best move in the world.


Above: Artists impression of claw hand


My exercise partner, the author of my pain, grinned and said something along the lines of 'now you're really training' which would have been pretty cool..... had he not then proceeded to describe a similar injury he'd recieved some years ago which still hurts him!

Better go - peas are melting 

Mark T



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Sunday, 29 January 2023

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