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I was away working on a New Zealand Ministry of Health project. I had checked into World Wide Backpackers hostel on the Terrace, in the heart of Wellington, for 2 weeks. On the weekend of the rugby 7’s tournament the landlord, by the name of Andrew Manson, told me that I had to leave the accommodation. He told me that if I do not leave the accommodation immediately he would call the police. The landlord did not give me a reason why I had to leave or a reasonable amount of time to pack all my belongings and did not refund me.

I later discovered that every budget accommodation in Wellington had been contacted by the police telling them that I have been stealing and that they should not accommodate me. That same day the local paper published a front page story implicating me in importation and distribution of mephedrone.

On Tuesday afternoon police arrived at my work place and wrongfully arrested me for not residing in Rotorua, a place where I am still paying rent and have a registered address. I have now been made to return to Rotorua and this has cost me the contract as I am unable to continue working outside of Rotorua.

In August of last year the police came with a search warrant for mephedrone. The search netted 2 ephedrine caps, 2 BZP caps purchased legally in 2007 which were sitting forgotten in a small container with some old chewing gum and 10 caps of an amino acid blend. No trace of the drug mephedrone was found at my residence. The police charged me for possession of drug paraphernalia after finding an old herb pipe in the bottom of a draw. The charge was dropped 4 months later.

Being a former security professional I have had many dealings with the police. In the many situations in the past involving the police I was treated with respect and found the police very helpful. However this is the worst case of lies and injustice that I have come across. As an instructor I always advocate plenty of fluids, fish oils, fruit and vegetable and exercise rather than chemicals for a feel good effect. It seems to me that someone in the police is looking to tarnish my reputation.

Rather than dropping the ridiculous charges against me the police are trying to convict me on evidence from an email communication from a year ago talking about purchasing 5g of mephedrone at a time before I even knew what it was and when it was legally sold in the UK. Even if I received the 5g, it hardly makes me a drug dealer. A user could probably get through that quantity in an all night rave. I am now facing ridiculous charges and have been victimized by the police for reasons unbeknown to me. Mephedrone is illegal in most European countries and Israel and everyone knows that I do not deal in black market products.


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Sunday, 29 January 2023

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