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Life and times of a wondering Martial artist

This has been an amazing year for me. Even with a run of bad luck I wouldn't have my life any other way. It is a good time to be a Martial artist, we are both the historians and scientist of unarmed combat.

With a little imagination the simple rules that govern the interaction between two fighters can be used in all kinds of problem solving exercises.

The principles of motion within our technique can be applied to any movement based exercises.

And the demand of being in a state of relax but ready, training consciously but fighting reflexively gives us the tools to be both planners and thinkers while being adaptive, feeling and decisive.

Martial form is a science, the principles do not change and yes there is a right way to do things.

But because the rules are simple and the reasons for training are numerous diversity can exist. So Martial form is also an art. An expression of self.

There is depth in this knowledge but it is not essential to enjoy it.

I hope the rest of the year is good to you.

Train consciously Jory

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Sunday, 02 April 2023

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