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Nemesis Defeated!

It's probably marginally misleading to claim a couple of blocks of concrete as a nemesis... I mean it's not like they kicked my dog or raped my sister. Still, they've been mocking me for weeks now with their strong and sturdy construction designed for paving stones.

 (look at the damn thing....it's practially laughing at me!) 

I however, had the last laugh!

This has been an ill-fated breaking attempt as it has been postponed due to the imminent arrival of parents who were going to watch, and then postponed again as parents arrived in the middle of the worst thunderstorm I've seen in Auckland.

The bricks, like the New Zealand cricket team, couldn't rely on the weather to save them indefinitely though and today it was nice and sunny, albeit horribly windy (note trees waving in background of some photos!).

The break itself was fairly straight forward. Lots of Asian tourists taking photos were only mildly off-putting as my focus was entirely on the task at hand. Speaking of hands I can report from my first break that my hand does hurt a little now, but at the time I may as well have been going through butter. The only real sensation I had was one of warmth.

Mike (my friend and fitness trainer) was very pleased with the break, as am I, although he did point out that I didn't hit centre (damn cameras!) which probably made it harder.

In relation to my last blog 'Karate: The Big Three' I can happily report that - 

  1. Grading - Passed
  2. Tournament - Came forth in Kumite
  3. Breaking - broken!

 Enjoy the photos!












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Thursday, 08 December 2022

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