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Sand Bags

Well given the huge popularity of my first blog (14 views and even a comment!) I'm continuing to write.

 Firstly, some good news - my wife and I passed grading leaving us purple belts!


 Now I get several months of aruging with people over whether or not it's less manley than the yellow belt....of course it does mean that if I lose the argument I'll be in a much better place to enforce my will than I would have with a yellow...


Now it's the holidays now and I'm in chch with my parents, so being good I went to the warehouse and got me a heavy bag for the back yard so I can keep a modicum of training up - the whole exercise has been a good learning experience!

Mistake 1) Shopping on Boxing day

Mistake 2) Buying from 'The warehouse' rather than a martial arts supplier

Mistake 3) Loading a 100kg of awkwardly shaped sand and leather into a plastic shopping trolley (I'd be sorrier about the damage I did to the now useless chunk of plastic on wheels) - but they stole a whole year of my life while I was a student so guilt is limited)

 Good idea 1) Rigging a pully system to get the damn thing into the air and hanging from the tree (100kg is a lot of sand to hold by oneself!)

Mistake 4) Rigging the pully system to the branch using nylon rope (I have now sucessfully ring-barked 3/4 of that branch of the tree - survival seems unlikely.

Well the damn thing is up now, so that's good. It's a little disconcerting though, I'm used to the 50kg bags at my Gym in Auckland and those are fun! I can let loose and a good kick would tend to raise around a 35 degree delta in the bag. (I'm pretty proud of that by the way as when I started on the bags I was lucky to get around 10 degrees on a roundhouse).




Bit of a wakeup on the really heavy bag though, back to around 20 degrees and then only on a really good kick, I'm probably averaging around 15. Still, people tend to be heavier than bags so I'm probably doing a good thing to mix it up!

My ankles may disagree. Kicking an unyeilding mass of sand as hard as you can can be a little painfull. I'm trying to get around 200 kicks in per session over each foot - a nice break from real gym.

 Cheers all



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Wednesday, 07 December 2022

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