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The hike!!

So way back last year I had an idea of how to promote self defense to all. This involves making a nation wide hitch hike, stopping in as many towns as I can, teaching self defense (not martial arts) to the public and training and profiling Martial arts teachers as I go.

All this will be done through the magic of you tube and  weekly blogs on this site. IF you know of any groups who would be interested in having me please let me know!

Or any martial arts teachers who are amazing let me know!

OR anyone who would have a wondering martial artist stay with them LET ME KNOW!!

I am drawing on all my resources to make this work and I will be trying to go everywhere I can.

This will begin from the Start of next year, as I will be spending the rest of this year setting up the whole thing. The next few days I'll draw up exactly what I will be covering in the self defense program. And if you have any questions or suggestions please comment 




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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

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