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Things to consider

Hi, first time blogger

Just thought I would keep track of my thoughts. So the theme of my classes over the last few weeks has been on position in relation to your opponent.

In training that means being mindful of;

A: Stance, posture, footwork and distancing kind of things

B: Knowing the dynamic or pathway of the movement or attack.

C: Timing for entry, placement of technique and direction of force

All the while keeping relaxed, using the body's natural movement and flow and being as economical as humanly possible.

Its always the simple movements that are the hardest to get and hardest to teach. But once you have them they will never lose their power.

As Musashi might say "see the things that are far away as if they are close and the close as if they are far away".  Exaggerate the movement and take the technique slow at first then slowly try to make it smaller and use less force each time.

Right, those are my two cents, there is no substitute for good training.




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Sunday, 02 April 2023

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