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Tuesday Systema

October 6th, 2010 by heretic

Started with a walking-breathing drill  – five of us walking quite quickly and continuously in a circle, breathing in and out on consecutive steps, then two steps per inhale and exhale, building up to 8 steps and back down. Then holding the breath while walking. Then the leader has to hold their breath and head off at a faster pace until they catch up with the end of the  group. Then the same but have to exhale all the  air first – surprisingly stressful, which of course was the whole point.

Then putting increasing, sgifting pressure on your partner lying on the ground. Worst place is the thigh. Have to breath and relax through. The the same, have to feel the pressure and roll away staying close. Then same with various side mount positions, turns into a kind of tumbling drill.

Then sticks, quite thick dowels, threaded through shoulders (under arms for me) moving from standing to lying and back again. Then using the stick to pressure the partner, have to roll out from under.

Next a slow grab drill, have to move with the incoming movement to disrupt, quite soft. Then have to prempt, strike,  seriously disrupt. Great fun. And I like it that I have to think of other sorts of responses than my conditioned karate-type reactions.



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