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Training Smarter

by Michelle Owen
Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesioligist (C.H.E.K L3)
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (C.H.E.K N.L.C L2)

a_stretchWe all know that we need to exercise to stay fit, healthy and maintain our bodies. But how do we choose what is right for us.
There are so many things to consider when deciding to take on a new form of exercise.

As creatures of habit we do tend to head for what we are familiar with. Quite often this is going out for a walk or run, a sport that we have played over the years or heading to the local gym for a go on the treadmills, cross trainers, stationary bikes or perhaps an aerobics class.

To start the first thing that we need to consider is; “What are our goals” As a Fitness and Wellness practitioner I hear many different goals ranging from fat loss, improved muscle tone and shape, body building, more energy, trying to be rid of bad backs, necks and sore knees, slowing down the ageing process. The list is endless. If you train smarter you can achieve all of these goals.

From my point of view we need to address many different aspects when we train. By doing this we will ensure that our bodies will last our lifetime. Aspects that are important to be addressed are;
- Identification of any postural imbalances,
- Condition the core,
- Strengthen stabilizers and mobilizes and teach then to become integrated together.
- Cardiovascular training

This is achieved by corrective stretching, postural stability type exercises and it then evolves into skilled weight training that makes the body function as it should, free of injury, pain & discomfort. Then we can really start getting benefits from our training program. As you develop good skill the core (back & abdominals) become stronger and more able to support and stabilize the spine and organs. This is the base of where strength comes from in our bodies. You can not have strong arms and legs if the core is weak or dysfunctional.

Once we have developed a good base of strength and conditioning the training will naturally develop our shape and add muscle. As a result of the added muscle it speeds up our metabolism burning body fat. Adding muscle to our frame is extremely anti-aging.“This is training smarter not harder.”

By grouping together weight training or ball exercises and limiting the rest periods this then makes the weight training very aerobic plus giving all the benefits above. With aerobic only exercise (cycling, walking, running etc) although we get an aerobic response which conditions our heart and lungs and gets the blood flowing, we don't address muscle imbalance, core strength, bone density or add muscle to our frame..

Our bodies become efficient at doing aerobic type exercises. When this happens we have to go further and further to get the same response.



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