Seven X Factors of IKI Krav Maga

I remember a long time ago when I first heard of Krav Maga, I was prepared to go to any length to find somewhere where I could learn and practice this style of self-defence and combat. Nowadays, as Krav Maga gains traction the challenge is choosing an organization and school to suit. In this blog, I will run through the X Factors of our b...
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Fear Control

As rookie bouncer learning the ropes I used to observe how quickly and explosively the head doorman would grab and eject someone as I helped or watched his back. Rapid response and most importantly teamwork were the principles I learned in becoming a bouncer. The venue where I started work was used for student nights during the weekdays but on the weekends was the watering hole of all those turned down by the more upmarket establishments of the city. Working the weekends I would often get the butterflies of the slow adrenaline dump when starting my shift knowing I will almost certainly be dealing with a fight before closure.

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To Live and Die

After a hiatus, I am once again teaching martial arts. It has been a while since I put my thoughts, philosophies and insights into a blog. I am once again in that period of limbo when in between jobs I have some time on my hands. At times like this, my mind starts to wander as a deluge of memories and nostalgia comes pouring in.

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My life feels like it's on hold...

So I've just recently moved to a new city, closer to family and friends.  This is a great fact about my life right now.  I have a girlfriend, who I've been seeing for almost a year, and I have a great job.  Everything is great, right?  Not necessarily.

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Knowledge - The Best Defense

Last weekend I was rather surprised to have a couple of people from Rotorua contacting me to ask about my self-defence classes. One lady was particularly interested in the Women’s Self Defence course that I ran back in 2010; she wanted to allay her fear of violence by learning some practical self-defence skills. I was a bit tickled to hear that people of Rotorua were still talking about my martial arts and self-defence classes and seminars from two years back.

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