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Martial Arts Workouts For Men Over 40

elderly-martial-artistsby Master Alan Zuckerman

When a man over 40 begins martial arts workouts they should have a special name: Kung Old Fool, Tae Kwon Old, Health Care-a-te or Senior Do. If anyone asks about my health I usually reply, "I'm aging too fast to get in shape."

I found martial arts while in my forties. Random events carried me to the gym of my future instructor, Grandmaster Byung Min Kim.

The first event occurred while I was having dinner with an old friend. He revealed that he had studied martial arts since he was a boy and had earned a black belt in tae kwon do. My son was young at the time, and I considered the benefit for him of studying some form of martial arts. Finally, I met the Master of my future school. I work as a retail real estate broker, and happened to offer a store to Grandmaster Kim. I didn't close that sale, but fortunately he sold me on tae kwon do.

The expectations of an adult male, no matter how old, when they begin martial arts instruction is the same as a child's. You wistfully remember David Caradine, James Bond, Bruce Lee or Napoleon Solo in any of the popular movies and television shows of the 1950's and 60's.

I yearned to be deadly...and great looking!

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The Effects Of Ego When Teaching Martial Arts

attitude-is-everythingBy: Sensei J. Richard Kikrham B.Sc.

I'm so proud of the fact that I have no ego. It truly makes me the most humble person I've ever met. Regardless of whether we admit it or not, we all have an ego. It's what we do with that ego and how we demonstrate it among our martial arts peers and students which determine how good and what type of instructor we are...

With over 36 years of martial arts experience I've seen a lot of different types of martial arts and self-defense instructors. They all, including myself, have their weaknesses and strengths...

In Here I Am God

Granted some ego, i.e. self-confidence, is needed in order to teach, but there are those who teach for themselves and those who teach for their students. In the few cases I've seen the god complex in a martial arts or self-defense instructor, it's generally been for the instructor. Even one very good combat veteran martial arts instructor whom I personally knew, seemed to teach for himself. Let's not confuse this with a military manner of teaching martial arts. The word martial after all means war and many of the martial arts taught have or had a military basis at some point in history. His students had a lot of self-confidence, but they also, I unfortunately noted when I asked a newly ranked advanced student his name, had his ego and pride as well. This, in my opinion is unfortunate since a martial arts instructor can, by example, offer so many positive traits to his/her students. If you're looking for a martial arts school or self-defense school, watch some classes and remember the above comments I made. Talk to the instructor, but talk to the students as well. Go with your gut as well as your cognitive processes.

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The Influence of Mentoring in Aikido

A personal view by Vance Karena

In the lead up to Shodan, I thought seriously about where and how I saw myself in my Aiki journey. Originally I was thinking more about my progress and what I thought was required of me, so that I could develop more. One usually looks at things from a personal perspective and it's generally a one sided view, and this is mine.

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Yoga, Fitness and Self Improvement - the unending dilemma

  • Yoga

What fitness program do I choose? Should I go in for the muscular look or the lean look? Is it necessary to diet while pursuing a fitness program? What fitness program will leave me feeling refreshed and revitalized? CONFUSED? Well I should think so. With the world becoming more and more fitness conscious, everyone wants to jump into the fitness bandwagon. But this may not always be the right approach because everyone's fitness requirements and capabilities are different.

Why does one need a fitness program? People generally choose fitness programs to improve physical and mental health. Those of us who are overworked look towards fitness as a means to relax and release anxiety. There are others who take to fitness regimes because they want to control their mood swings. One way or the other we all seek something extra. The question is how do we find that 'Something Extra'?

The most popular wellness programs presently are yoga, regular aerobic/weight programs and motivational workshops. People have a general tendency to stack these practices together under the category of wellness or fitness programs. With due respect to the latter disciplines, this categorization is not fair. All three practices are unique and distinct from the other.

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