Barberyn Ayurveda Resort

Go Ayurveda – the most natural approach to health.

Looking for a healthy honeymoon on a palm-fringed beach with romantic sunsets? Enjoy Ayurveda, the most ancient system of health, at in Sri Lanka.

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Inner Harmony Cyprus Yoga Retreat

Do private yoga without breaking the bank

Always wanted to improve your yoga practice through one-to-one classes with the teacher but found it a bit steep? Try Inner Harmony yoga retreat in sunny Cyprus designed specially for individuals and small groups of up to five. Enjoy a tailored practice in tranquil surroundings of a traditional Cypriot village Tochni, without breaking the bank.

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Tao Garden

Tao Garden offers a unique fusion of Eastern holistic healing systems and today’s Western medicine.

Taoist treatments, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and the ancient Five Element Healing System come together with the latest developments in modern Western medicine.

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Kicking Ass: Letitia Carr Interview


Letitia Carr of Wellington, competing for New Zealand at the 2009 Karate World Games on the back of her wins at the 2008 Oceania Karate Championships becomes New Zealand’s most successful Karate Athlete narrowly losing to Slovakia 6-4 in a thrilling final that until the last 25 seconds she was leading 4-1. Silver in the open kumite event is New Zealand’s first medal at a senior WKF tournament in more than 35 years of trying and we are sure it is just the beginning, at 19 years of age she will be a force to reckon with on the world stage.

PA: Thank you for the opportunity to interview you Letitia. What got you interested in the martial arts and how old were you when you started training?

Letitia Carr: I wanted to learn self-defence, I started when I was 11 years old.

PA: Which style do you study?

Letitia Carr: I started off doing Shotokan karate, but now train Goju-Ryu karate.

PA: How long have you been training?

Letitia Carr: 8 Years (had 1 year off)

PA: How often do you train and what does your training consist of?

Letitia Carr: Average training a week consists of about 7 sessions per week. During the lead up period to major competition there can be up to 9-10 training sessions per week. Training sessions consist of karate, plyometrics, power/strength, agility and fitness training.

PA: Do you supplement your training at the gym or other exercise such as yoga or pilates etc?

Letitia Carr: Yes, plyometrics, power/strength, agility and fitness are all trained in the gym.

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