Massage and Hypnotherapy

Today I am going to become a guinea-pig in an experiment that I find fascinating. After a luxurious 1 hour massage by Marianne at Advanced Body Mind Therapies (phone 09 940 5303) I will undergo hypnotherapy for the first time in my life. I was going to try this technique when attempting to give up smoking, but just went cold-turky instead which has been totally successful (celebrating 1 year without a single smoke!) - it took a few attempts though.

Why am I trying hypnotherapy? Well I want to know if it can be used as a practical tool to enhance training - in this case I want to see if it will improve things like relaxation, breathing and memory.

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Core Beliefs

Over the weekend I was watching an episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 where Georges St. Pierre’s team had a little pep talk from Mike Tyson, who made a guest appearance on the show. I was taken aback by the outspoken wisdom presented by the former world champ. Mike Tyson came across as quite a deep character with a profound philosophy on both the fight game and life. I was able to glean one or two gems just from listening to some of the things he said.


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