The Foundation of Martial Arts: Yoga

This is another article I found which I thought was interesting and relevant. It is by Paul M. Jerard Jr.

At first glance, Martial Arts and Yoga seem like opposing forces and philosophies, but these two health maintenance systems have more in common than meets the eye. For a moment, consider the similarities between Tai Chi and Hatha Yoga. Within the warm up, you notice very similar movement, philosophy, and principles.

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Holiday over, feel energised and positive.  Just three plus Marcus this week. Started with usual drills, added new twists. I got to have a play with the pocket stick – Ben and Janet did it last week. Felt a little weird to start with but I can see the huge benefits of this deceptive little training tool. Then played with the knives, excellent fun. Ben and Marcus did some stickwork. Ben got to be meatpuppetman. Conditioning to finish.

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Knife Play

Tuesday Systema – Loren broke out the training knives. First we all stood in a circle throwing the knife quite sweetly to each other – have to catch it safely – one hand, two, or against the body in some way. This ramped up somewhat, then we added a second knife to the mix. Then a third. Knives flying everywhere, hilarious.

Then one partner on the ground, other applies the knife point to a part of the body, have to move the body to make the blade flat and roll so the point hits the floor. Done slowly, working on sensitivity, mobility, this is not a self defense exercise. Then repeating but have to trap the knife hand against the floor. Then trapping and adding a gift – some nice opportunites when you roll.  Then some pushups using the knife in one hand (not me, shoulder getting bad again).

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My Base

This is just a short blog that really will probably be ignored, but it comes with a question at the end.

I've been lacking in training lately, and so to try and get everything back into order, I've started doing stance training, particularly my Horse Stance.  Now, I've been put back quite a bit, I used to be able to hold one for up to two to three minutes(which I know isn't a big deal), but now I'm down to approximately 60 seconds.  Just figured I'd vent about that.

Now for the question:  What does everybody do to get themselves in the mood to train?  I find that kung fu movies do it quite well for me, but I don't always watch them.  Any advice would be helpful.


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