October 2nd, 2010 by heretic

Haven’t trained all week, at all, can’t count Intuflow in the shower lolol. I’ve had a cold and the end of the quarter is frenetic at my work – many 12 hour days, mentally exhausted. Financially good but work plays havoc with the training….

So today I was just so pleased to get to the park.

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Tuesday Systema

October 6th, 2010 by heretic

Started with a walking-breathing drill  – five of us walking quite quickly and continuously in a circle, breathing in and out on consecutive steps, then two steps per inhale and exhale, building up to 8 steps and back down. Then holding the breath while walking. Then the leader has to hold their breath and head off at a faster pace until they catch up with the end of the  group. Then the same but have to exhale all the  air first – surprisingly stressful, which of course was the whole point.

Then putting increasing, sgifting pressure on your partner lying on the ground. Worst place is the thigh. Have to breath and relax through. The the same, have to feel the pressure and roll away staying close. Then same with various side mount positions, turns into a kind of tumbling drill.

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Systema Seminar - November

I’ve been so busy. A couple of gym sessions, Tai Chi on Friday. Then a two day Systema seminar this weekend, just massive. Unfortunately meant I couldn’t train Uechi on Sunday morning

The instructor was Adam Vounoridis from Melbourne Systema, has trained with Vassiliev and Kevin Secours, and others. Excellent, enthusiastic instructor. I cant possibly remember all  the stuff we did over the two days, just a huge amount of amazing material.

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Humiliation is not Self-Improvement

By Rob Redmond - February 28, 2009 /

Being humiliated does not improve you as a person. The experience of humiliation is negative, and while it may serve to provide motivation, it is motivation through fear. Champions do not become champions because they are afraid of being humiliated. They become champions because they have native ability, they practice in an unreasonably obsessive fashion that provides them with feedback, and they believe that they are entitled to win. World champions are not born through humiliation, so why would you seek out humiliation as an experience or believe that it helps you improve?

The belief that humiliation is a positive experience is a rationalization. A rationalization is any attempt by a person to justify a choice by creating an illogical excuse to continue.

Examples of rationalizations are rampant:

  • The Dojo Kun does no harm, so let’s use it.
  • I probably couldn’t find a job elsewhere, so I’ll just stay here and suffer.
  • No one else would love me, so I will not leave my abuser.
  • I don’t trust government, the government doesn’t like heroine, so heroin must be good for you.

Rationalization is a powerful human function that we all engage in regularly. It is a combination of denial, the willful refusal to acknowledge obvious and observable facts and evidence, and justification. Just because something does no harm does not mean that it is productive to use. You don’t know what would happen if you searched for new employment. Assuming others will never love you is no reason to remain in a relationship where there is no love and you are in danger. The government is never justification for anything other than ensuring accurate reporting of taxes.

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