Self defence or line of work?

Back in the 1980's a four part interview was published in the well known Magazine "Fighting Arts International"

The man interviewed was a New Zealander by the name of Gary Spiers, his story was one of the best articles I had ever read

Gary Spiers was a very well known martial artist in other countries, I say "was" because he unfortunately passed away 

Below is the webpage address to the complete article courtesy of CQB Services based in the UK,  if you have the time please read it, I would appreciate your comments and thoughts

Did you know Gary Spiers or have an opportunity to train with him?

Mark Waters

Claw Hand

My first 'blog' ever - I feel kinda dirty, like about to start living more on here than in the real world.

Still, I expect I'll survive it and it's unlikely I'll lose any MORE time to the computer - games/youtube/work/email seem to take up enough as it is.

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Sand Bags

Well given the huge popularity of my first blog (14 views and even a comment!) I'm continuing to write.

 Firstly, some good news - my wife and I passed grading leaving us purple belts!

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The urge to fight

Almost every (male) martial arts practitioner I've spoken to has described the same thing to me - that being during their early years they actually felt more inclined to start a random fight than before when they had no training, but this feeling dissipated over time.

This is probably why it's drilled into us to show both humility and confidence in equal measures (and avoid conflict where possible). I suspect that these warnings are so hammered home because if they weren't male colour belts would be far more likely to have a nasty experience.

My thoughts on this are as follows: People want to fight because they don't know what the outcome is, or it's in doubt. No one has the urge to fight a child or a ninety year old. This is because you know what the outcome will be. But you see some obnoxious drunk in a bar and you think ‘I probably could'..... but you don't know for sure, so you have the urge to find out.

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