Things to consider

Hi, first time blogger

Just thought I would keep track of my thoughts. So the theme of my classes over the last few weeks has been on position in relation to your opponent.

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Time on Distance

Three words… Time on Distance 

The formula for speed but also a very very important principal for the lessons I've been doing about positioning. Last weeks class we looked at blocking techniques and the one thing that my teacher hated about the word blocking is that its misleading.

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Self defence principals

I have been doing a lot of reading these last few weeks on martial arts principals from a few sources. It's been really good but now I'm a bit lost on what to blog.

So after much humming and harring this blog is on the main principals of self defence. Note that these are principals, not techniques, if you want techniques that demonstrate the principals look at the stuff your class does first and if you don't see them ask your teacher, I am more then happy to answer any questions or confusions as well.

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The way of the roll, this holds special signifcates to me mainly due to the fact that my main system that I train in is an aikido based system and the first year of my leasons I wasnt allowed to do a single throw. I was used as an uke, or punching bag in english for the more senior students training and the teachers prime demostratee (if thats a word).

But because of this type of training I learnt the techniques by name, the differnce between a good throw and a bad one and later on where to counter safely, sooner then those of the same grade. Now I try to focus most of my classes on how to attack well, keep yourself safe through out movement so that if an attack fails and you are thrown you can still be better off......well kind of.

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Ten No Kata

or, Kata of the Universe was developed Funakoshi Sensei that can be added to your daily practice, good for warming up or polishing kihon and requires very little space.

[video: 425 x 344]

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