Custom style name

Hey peoples

I have brainstormed many names but I need help deciding which.
To those who read please vote on the best sounding one.
I have half picked delta and corrupted response, but I figure any of them sounds pretty good.

Hybrid Response-??????????? - haiburiddo resuponsu

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Custom Style - Next Milestone

Since the last blog, I have gained some distance in progress. Still have a long way to go.

Name chosen: Juyo Na Oto, Japanese for Vital Response

Progress: Prototyping disciplines and trademark weapons

Out of what I have researched and put to the test i have developed the following disciplines:


Working on dditions/replacements. Only thought of things like speed, pendulum, infinite, momentum...basic perspectives of attack. 
The weapons is still a working progress. By default, the infamous Bochete™ resides with this style. First test of obtuse designing resulted in the "Dragon Tail"... prototype didn't work out. One theory yet to be tested is the "Tonfa Lance". Involves 6 1/2 ft (approx) staff with Tonfa style struts either end, pointing opposite directions.

Feel free to suggest improvements, anything goes at this point.

Collect $200 passing go

Ghost Hound

The Cost

Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy has now been operational for a year in Rotorua. I have seen students come and go, some have stayed and others dropped out for one reason or another. As my school’s reputation has grown through promotions, seminar work and student gradings I have had members from other Krav Maga associations contact me wanting to train with me. I have also had people from other schools and styles approach me wanting to try Krav Maga.

After I graded a batch of students in September one individual who trained with me on a few occasions approached me asking whether I would grade him. According to my log book he had not trained with me for over a month and his attendance record was inconsistent. I told him that if he continues training regularly for the next three months I will grade him if I feel he is ready. The point I am getting at is that the IKI certificate has a cost and I don’t mean the grading fees. The currency that I am talking about is time, dedication, commitment and overcoming your own fears. The certificate is there for anyone willing to pay the price; if not then they will simply be window shoppers.

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Tane Mahuta

People making a decision to train in Krav Maga have already won their first victory by making the decision to take control. They have defeated their inner opponent in deciding to invest time and effort in building a more powerful self. This is analogous to the seed that starts to breathe under the soil, expanding and forming roots. The seed pushes through the soil with some struggle as shoots begin to form. In time the stem forms and then the branches and then new buds form.

The young sapling begins to stand stronger as its roots grow deeper. With each season the sapling grows bigger. It changes in girth and height, the roots go deeper, foliage and flowers appear which in turn attracts birds and insects. The buds form into fruit and slowly ripen. It sheds its foliage in the fall and hibernates during winter, then turns green again as the seasons cycle and repeat.

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Listening to Eminem’s “Recovery” CD it dawned on me that the main appeal of Eminem and to a certain extent hip-hop in general is that people from disadvantaged backgrounds, without emotional or family support are able to achieve magnificent things. With people with superior education, talent and ability failing to reach their goals it makes me wonder what does the achieving underdog have which puts him so far ahead. The answer is the will; this is what gives such individuals their personal power.

Success and failure are not overnight phenomena, it about action, it’s about following through and giving 100%. It’s about successfully following through and training at home, making that professional contact and breaking personal limits. Only this afternoon I was on the phone with the operations manager of Armourguard and the ambulance service explaining about Krav Maga and how Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy is working to create safer community in Rotorua.

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