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Core Beliefs

Over the weekend I was watching an episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 where Georges St. Pierre’s team had a little pep talk from Mike Tyson, who made a guest appearance on the show. I was taken aback by the outspoken wisdom presented by the former world champ. Mike Tyson came across as quite a deep character with a profound philosophy on both the fight game and life. I was able to glean one or two gems just from listening to some of the things he said.


Mike Tyson’s philosophy of winning is to be smarter, to learn to think better every day. Thinking better will make you feel better and confidence will bring success which in turn will bring more confidence. Mike went on to say that confidence when applied properly surpasses genius. In life we are constantly fighting one way or another and we must be careful on how we conduct ourselves in training and in the ring in case it is a reflection of how we live our life.


So much of what was said by the former world champion applied directly to my own life and that is why I decided to create this blog. Often I find people focus on the minor things in life; of how to forge a living and get by rather than living the life that they want. It’s like the fighter who inside the ring only thinks about surviving rather than having the determination to win at all costs.


My personal philosophy is whatever I can imagine, I can achieve. I believe the human potential is limitless. There are four elements in our success in life. Our unlimited potential leads to our actions; actions lead to results and the results create our beliefs. If someone not realising their true potential is not taking the action to achieve their goals; this leads to low results. This in turn will undermine their beliefs in their own potential and eventually these people completely give up training out of lack of motivation and confidence in their own ability to succeed.


Mike Tyson’s speech ignited my own desire to win and achieve my goals. My advice is know that our potential is limitless; know what causes stagnation and lack of motivation. Remember that the past does not equal the future. Believe in yourself and your ability to take action and achieve your goals. These are simple systematic strategies to create greater results on a daily basis.  



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Sunday, 29 January 2023

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