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Fresh Start

I am once again running Krav Maga classes. I currently have two students both of whom are security professionals; one works in a casino, the other at an airport. Being a former doorman I find that I have a lot in common when discussing ways to restrain and remove someone off the premises with my students. It reminds me of the days on the doors when we would practice restraining and removing each other from the club. A lot of people’s reasons for getting into reality based martial arts, myself included, are to be able to apply martial arts skills to security work and I am lucky to have had experience of a real-life approach to defence situations.

Having a backup system that is simple and dependable brings about phenomenal results in security work in terms of confidence, ability and insight into dealing with aggression. Often it is not a case of what people can do; it is more a case of what they will do, that is why I believe in developing the correct attitude and awakening the instinct through aggression drills. This is one distinction which in my opinion places the Krav Maga approach above the traditional dojo training.

Both my students are experienced martial artists with one being an amateur boxer and the other a former regimental kick-boxing champion. Even though their experience in combat sports has given them good tools in terms of techniques, the focus of Krav Maga is on the practicalities. This is why they have been completely taken in. It is easy to get into tunnel vision of the combat sports arena; however the real power of Krav Maga comes from situational awareness, tactics and flexibility.

As a martial arts instructor my driving force has always been to help myself and those around me. Often this has not made me the most popular person and in the past I have been treated like dirt. “How dare you take a blank DVD for training of our staff in self defence?” Nevertheless this has never dampened my drive and passion; I think seeing violence and injustice made me focus and immerse myself further in my training.

The bottom line is I do not teach demonstration skills or mind over matter secrets. Anyone should be able to apply the techniques that I teach in a short timeframe. The key is to practice and analyse the tactics and concepts; repetition is the mother of skills. Most importantly is also to develop the attitude to break through and be able to take action despite of fear, this is what I teach people. Before I became an instructor I have never had the experience of that many people like me or acknowledge me and it has taken me beyond my comfort zone. It has been frightening, but also very exciting to continuously drive towards success.

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Monday, 05 June 2023

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