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How to get the most from your Training with Meditation!

By Steve Gib

It doesn't matter if you practice kyokushin karate or taekwondo, a fact that remains with proper execution of reality based self defense techniques remains in the ability to stay focused and calm while in danger.

shane_meditateWithin this article I would like to share how important it is to meditate to maintain a calm mind for any of lifes encounters whether it be stress at work or for mixed martial arts training!

There is great importance on martial arts fitness & physical training but the technique of meditation is practically distilled out of every martial arts school.

A big factor in a life or death street fight is the ability to keep your composure, with steady breathing,and using your self defense techniques to their maximum potential with accurate karate kicks and strikes.

Being able to meditate will help you keep your composure and mind focused on the task at hand whatever it may be. So what are some simple meditations you can start right now?

I recommend focusing on your breath and erasing all other thoughts from your mind. Take an active roll in controlling your breath by focusing on deep breaths & getting all the left over oxygen out of your lungs & maintaining slow steady breaths.

With each exhalation you will want to try to remove any and all thoughts from your mind. With steady and daily practice you will find you remain more calm, even when life gets hectic.

While you are practicing mixed martial arts or are doing karate sparring, focus your mind on nothing other then perfect execution of techniques and not allowing any thoughts of pain, whether you left the oven on at home or what you may be having for dinner.

The ability to focus the mind in martial arts is similiar to zen. In fact, when you take a more active approach of emptying your mind and remaining still even in full on combat you will have greater esteem and control.

A big flaw that a lot mixed martial artists make are losing their cool and allowing their emotions to take control in the fight. This is one of the worst things that can happen because your kicks and punches will become uncordinated and you will lose your focus of destroying the guy you are fighting.

Remember that all martial arts like, karate, taekwondo, mixed martial arts, judo, kung fu & others require a still and calm mind for perfect execution of the techniques.

About the Author:
Steve Gib has been focused on martial arts training for the past 15 years and holds a blackbelt in Judo and Taekwondo. He shares his insight from his experiences in street fights, working as a bouncer in a nightclub as well as fights from encounters behind bars when he did time in prison. He offers a well rounded self defense education based on experience and his battle tested advice.

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