Warrior Reborn

Modern martial arts are something for people to show off their athletic prowess in sport fighting, board breaking and dramatic self-defence demonstrations. It keeps the parents happy by providing a challenging activity for the kids; it fosters discipline and builds self-esteem. When the world witnessed spectacular terrorism of a few men armed with box cutters who managed to subdue planeloads of passengers; the reality of the types of issues normally faced by the Israelis began to manifest themselves globally. Many started to ponder exactly how they would cope with a weapon threat, and how they themselves could use simple tactics to facilitate escape and to use weapons of opportunity in their environment.

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Intro to Krav

Last weekend I ran my Intro to Krav Maga seminar at Glenfield. I was fortunate enough to have the editor of PhysicalArts attend my seminar. I think all who attended had fun and walked away with a few useful techniques. Those attending got to experience the rawness of the system with its direct striking methods (combatives), its tactical approach and simple self-defence applications.

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In Hebrew culture, this is now the start of a New Year; a time when God inscribes the fate of every man into the Book of Life. He seals his verdict on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. For observant Jews this is a time of reflection and effort to amend their behaviour, to fast and pray and earn God’s favour. It is possible to radically change our behaviour by associating the love of God with struggle and hard work. This way we can literally gain pleasure from working hard to pursue our goals and dreams.

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Life and times of a wondering Martial artist

This has been an amazing year for me. Even with a run of bad luck I wouldn't have my life any other way. It is a good time to be a Martial artist, we are both the historians and scientist of unarmed combat.

With a little imagination the simple rules that govern the interaction between two fighters can be used in all kinds of problem solving exercises.

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Mental Edge

People often observe the ease with which I am able to apply techniques and think that I an individual who was born with a natural talent. What most people do not see however are all the years of practice that have gone into developing my skills. My philosophy is one of consistent never ending improvement. What has always excited me about training is that every moment there is a fresh new opportunity to learn something new. I apply this philosophy not only to martial arts but practically everything I endeavour. Just last weekend I completed the last of my Microsoft exams to become MCITP certified in Virtualization Administration.

I successfully achieve my goals not because I am gifted but rather because I focus on the outcome that I am looking for. I did not just walk into a martial arts studio and hope that everything will click into place. I made demands on myself, I trained regularly, ran daily, stretched; went over my moves at home physically and mentally. It is important to know the outcome that one seeks; to be wealthy one must study wealth, to be healthy one must study health; if you want martial art skills you must study self defence. This may mean testing your skills, using pad work to develop striking techniques; using aggression and full contact drills and training at home. If someone calls or emails me to enquire about classes I pull no punches when explaining what is required to be competent in Krav Maga.

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