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The four ways Parkour has changed me for the better


After a crazy weekend at the movement Jam in Auckland, I am painstakingly putting together the very first ever episode of my hitch hiking documentary. Three days of running, leaping, vaulting and flipping around Auckland (ok ok I was behind the camera mostly) with guys from all over the country has been a great way to get to know not just the style but the people who practise it. Anyone can get a wikipidia definition of a style but only by meeting the people can you truly get a sense of what it is about (because the people who practise make the style).


Since the video of the movement jam will be up as soon as I am done editing, this blog is about how training parkour has changed my training, thoughts and perceptions.

4. Natural movement

The biggest change has been in my running (well the fact that I run at all is pretty huge). Before running shoes were around to provide heel support the way we ran was very different. We ran on the balls of the feet this is arguably better for you (I am no expert on running) and all I can say is that it works for me. Everything is done on the balls of your feet in parkour its more natural and it’s a wicked calf workout.

3. Be strong to be useful

This saying is a great motivator. It suggests that being fit is not only good for your health but for helping others. I’ve mentioned this before, I think enough said (I might get it on a t-shirt).

2. Outside training takes the imagination of a child

Training has given me a new outlook on the world around me. I see objects that can be vaulted, balanced on or run up (this is only on my way to the letter box) and I realised I used to do this all the time when I was eight. You wonder why kids are getting fatter - it’s because not only are they not allowed to climb on the furniture or anything, Parkour really is just a bunch of guys who have kept their inner kid explorer with the strength and intelligence of an adult.

1. Confidence is the key to application

After all the hours of conditioning, learning good training habits and perfecting technique. Your belief in yourself is what actually gets you to push the limits. The balance between risk and safety is a fine one but trusting yourself is surprisingly empowering. Leaps and bounds have been made by the people who trust themselves and take risks.

So with that I make my way to another town to do another style for another month paying my way by teaching self defence to community groups in the area. I am in Auckland next week and if anyone is interested in anything I have talked about please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Video to come!!



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Sunday, 02 April 2023

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